18-25 yrs of Gateway Church

Gatherings and Groups on alternating
Tuesday nights every week.

Young Adults 2022!

If you're new to Gateway or Young Adults, please register and come along -- we'd love to hang and help you get connected here!

We'd love to have you join us on Tuesdays!

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Young Adults Podcast

The Young Adults Podcast is the best way to catch up with the messages from our Tuesday night gatherings at Gateway.

Hosted by Stephen James Hart, each episode unpacks what "Following the Way of Jesus" looks like in practical terms for us as young adults in 2022.

Available now wherever you listen to podcasts!

Groups and Gatherings

Every week from March thru November, there’ll be something happening on Tuesday nights. for Young Adults. We've divided each fortnight into "Groups" and "Gatherings".

Gatherings are our intentionally larger ministry spaces. They run from 6-9pm every second Tuesday and we’ll gather in the Gateway auditorium for food, studying the Word, and setting aside longer times for worship, ministry, prayer and kōrero with one another.

Groups are our intentionally smaller connection spaces. Not absent from ministry and study (if you want that), but there’s no pressure to have to “study the Word” or worship together. Our heart for these groups is to be a space where you can just have fun. Go mini-golfing, drive to Raglan together, watch a movie, or have a cuppa tea and some deep and meaningful yarns.