When we gather we spend time singing and bringing our whole selves before our God. Our belief is that worship must be expressed. Singing, lifting hands, bowing our knees in reverence, coming around the table are all ways we express our love for God and our thanks for all He has done for us. It's all part of how we engage with the story of God, re-living, re-tellings, and participating in what God is doing now, what He has done in the past, and what He will do in the future. 

Worship is more than our corporate gathered times of 'sung' worship, but is not less than this. Worship is a lifestyle - who and what we worship in reflected is how we live our lives. We want to develop people who are convinced of and are developing in, a life of responsive praise and worship to God. We choose to give time and place to corporate worship when we gather because we believe there is power in worship and praise. We believe God is enthroned on the praises of His people and long for His Kingdom among us. 

Gathering Times

Sundays 10am & 6:30pm
950 Victoria Street, Hamilton