Who We Are

Senior Leaders

Don & Karen Barry and Chris & Hope Jones are the senior leaders of Gateway Church.

Gateway's Leadership Structure

Together with the senior leaders, our leadership team provides oversight and strategic direction to accomplish the mission God has called us to.

Gateway Leadership Team

Jo Peart, Matt and Andrea Perry, Mike Frew
Chris and Hope Jones, Michael John and Rajani Michael, Megan Macdonald

Gateway’s leadership team has and will continue to have primary responsibility for 3 keys areas in the life of our church; Doctrine, Discipleship, and Direction. This team provides oversight and strategic guidance to support and accomplish what God has called us to do.

Trust Board

This board will be ultimately responsible for the employment of staff, the protection of the Gateway’s assets and liabilities and holding the wider organisation to account in its legal obligations as a charitable entity.

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board assists the Leadership Team and Trust Board in key operational matters, the board provides strategic support in areas such as finance, our facilities, HR and organisational structures.

Our Team

Jo Peart - Associate Pastor
Jo Peart

Associate Pastor

Hamish Berkers - Technical
Hamish Berkers


Hayleigh Rosseter - Generations Tribe
Hayleigh Rosseter

Generations Tribe

Jessie Waterhouse - Generations Support
Jessie Waterhouse

Generations Support