Our '23 Annual Report is out now — View it here

Our Vision

Together, we desire to be a church of resilient disciples of Jesus, committed to bringing God's Kingdom whoever we are, wherever we go.

Our Values and Practices

What we believe, value and prioritise within our community and gatherings


We Value Generosity

Generosity is our response to God's extravagant love. We choose to be a hospitable community.

We Value...Authenticity

We are all on a journey. There are no experts here. We value an atmosphere where people are honest and real, communicating in truth and simplicity.

We Value...People

We value and love people, and recognise the God-given dignity of every person. We are careful to ensure that people do not become a means to an end, but are appreciated for who they are, and inspired to grow.



We want Gateway people to be growing in their knowledge of, and obedience to the Bible, transformed and flourishing through the Word of God.


We want our people to be convinced of the value of, and who are developing in, a life of responsive praise and worship.


We want to be a people with a deepening relationship with God and others through a lifestyle of prayer.


We long to be a people who are growing in our ability to recognise and respond to the person and work of the Holy Spirit, who calls and empowers us for life.


We want people who are a part of Gateway to be people who are on a journey of identifying, receiving training and using the spiritual gifts that God has given them so that He is glorified and His Kingdom extended in and from New Zealand.