Vision and Values

Together, we desire to be a church of resilient disciples of Jesus, committed to bringing God's Kingdom wherever we are.

Our Vision

Our vision or philosophy of mission. This is what we think are the most important things...

Together, we desire...

We are a community of faith, a family of believers; a people not a place. We realise we don’t always achieve what we hope for. Our intention is to journey the ‘actual’, while we seek the ‘ideal’; together.


Not easily swayed. To be a people of faith who stand firm in life’s joys and disappointments or monotony and ecstasy. To be steadfast, living in the midst of cultural storms where nothing feels sure, where culture flip-flops, changes its mind regularly and is full of contradictions .

We want to be a people who hold both hope and realism in our hands.

Disciples of Jesus

We want to be a people who are theologically grounded, Biblically sound and spiritually aware. We grow this by practices of personal and communal spiritual formation with a focus on key priorities shaped by dearly held personal values.

This is a lived-out-faith that walks in obedience to the way of Jesus which has practical and tangible implications for our everyday lives.


Eugene Peterson talks of long obedience in the same direction. We want to be a people who are in for the long haul, steadfast and grounded in what and Who we believe in and hope for.
Sometimes this is an ecstatic sprint, but more often than not it is a steady plod in the ordinary joys and challenges of life.

God’s Kingdom

We want to be His Kingdom bringers in the here and now. While being hopeful for eternal life in the future, we realise our call and responsibility to the whole of creation is to be bearers of His Kingdom, to be restorers of hope, to share His peace and to be part of His ‘making all things new’ story.

Wherever we are

Whatever we do is a holy vocation – whether a plumber or a student or a stay-at-home parent – we are the people of God in the places and neighbourhoods we find ourselves in.

We want to be empowered to use our spiritual gifts within our church community when we gather and to our workmate, neighbour or family member in the rest of the week.

Wherever we are is holy ground.

Whether in Hamilton, elsewhere in New Zealand, or among distant nations, we are a sent out people to be the light of Jesus in a broken and hurting world.

Our Values

What we believe, value and prioritise within our community and gatherings


We Value...People

God’s supreme passion is people. This being so, any endeavour that bears His name must value and love people. We are careful at Gateway to ensure that people never become ‘the means to the end.’

We Value...Authenticity

We value an atmosphere in which people can be honest and real.

We Value...Integrity

We seek to function and communicate with truth and simplicity.

We Value Vulnerability

We are all on a journey. There are no ‘experts’ here. The only reason any of us are here is the grace of God. We are honest about that.



We want people who are part of Gateway to develop and deepen a personal relationship with God.


We want people who are a part of Gateway to be people who are growing in their knowledge of, and in obedience to, the Word of God, the Bible.


We want people who are a part of Gateway to be convinced of the value of, and who are developing in, a life of responsive praise and worship of God.


We want people who are a part of Gateway to be people who are growing in their ability to recognize and respond to the person and ministry of the Holy Spirit.


We want people who are a part of Gateway to be people who are on a journey of identifying, receiving training and using the spiritual gifts that God has given them so that He is glorified and His Kingdom extended.

Nine Fifty Zine

Published at the start of 2021, this first edition of "Nine Fifty" beautified these values and vision statement, tangibly for our community.

View a PDF version of the "Nine Fifty" zine