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Kingship . Servanthood . Suffering

Here’s a recap of Don’s message yesterday, from part two of his ‘The relationship between Old & New testaments’ series.

The words spoken at Jesus’ baptism weren’t entirely new ones. What was new was the way the passages were brought together and related to a single person with a unique identity and mission.

The awareness that God was His Father and Himself as being the beloved One was the deepest foundation of Jesus’ self-hood.

His self-identity was deeply rooted in, and shaped by, Old Testament ideas.

· KINGSHIP – He was David’s Promised Son.

· SERVANTHOOD – He was Isaiah’s mysterious Servant.

· SUFFERING – He was the suffering figure of the Psalms {Psalm 22, 69 etc} and of Isaiah 53.

These three concepts were built into the calling and identity of Jesus and all three were given depth and meaning by Old Testament characters and Scriptures that merged and fused in Jesus.