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Mary Questioned. Mary Submitted. Mary Worshipped.

1. We need to look beyond our own abilities.

“These words (The Holy Spirit will come upon you) give the one sufficient and satisfying resource capable of both begetting life and making it work. The same spirit present at the Genesis creation, who brought life and order out of emptiness and chaos, is the One heaven still prescribes. The power that worked God’s word and will at the beginning of the created order, is the same power that brings God’s word and will to pass in the redemptive order: the Holy Spirit. And he is the One announced power source to fulfil Christs order in and through our lives today.” Jack Hayford

2. We need to look inward.

“We have to habitually study the Word to really have confidence in God and know we can hear Him. As we spend time reading and meditating on Scripture, we develop a strong spirit. Then we can hear God speaking to our heart and make decisions based upon what He’s leading us to do, not just what we think, feel or want.” Joyce Meyer

3. We need to look up.

"Mary's outpouring of worship I believe came out of an overflow of a grateful heart."