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'Whose story are you living in?' - Desk of Jo

I have been reflecting recently on a quote in book I have been reading that said “The story you live in is the story you live out.”  Our culture invites us into lots of stories that can capture our hearts and imaginations - often without us even realising it. And when our attention is captured, our actions and rhythms of life will probably soon follow.

 If you’re anything like me I have found myself sometimes discouraged, saddened and often bewildered as I’ve looked around at the chaotic state of our world this year – all does not seem well. 
But I have had to remind myself that as followers of Jesus we are invited into a different story - the incredible story of our God who is on a mission to make all things new. It’s the story of a different kind of King and a different kind of Kingdom.

It’s a big story. It’s a better story.
It’s a story our world so desperately needs to hear and see lived out in a people who profess His name. And so I exhort you (and myself!) again to know the story we live in, to let it capture (or re-capture) our hearts and imaginations and then to continue to live it out faithfully in the places and neighbourhoods we find ourselves in. 
In the midst of the ‘now, but not yet’ may we be able to join with Julian of Norwich who said “All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well.”
Praying God’s courage and grace over us all.
P.S To encourage your hearts on the bigness of our story, have a listen to the lyrics of King of Kings that we have recently started singing in our worship times (you can find it on our Gateway Songs 2020 Spotify playlist).