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You are important to God - Desk of Sarah

How do you remember to do things? Are you a ‘list’ person with pen and paper so you can cross them off when completed (very satisfying!) or do you perhaps put reminders on your phone or write on your hand so you really don’t forget?!
I think God has written your name on His hand so He doesn’t forget you...as you are so important to Him. What a picture that creates for me...God must have very big hands, as each of us is important to Him. He has the whole world in His hands. STOP PRESS! Re-read that please...
Last week I helped take a ‘mob’ of sheep and lambs to a new paddock after docking, on my brother-in-law's farm. It was a noisy affair...not because I was shouting...but because the ewes and lambs were calling out for each other to reconnect on the journey, after being separated in the docking process. Each ewe knew their own lambs’ voice and you could tell they were elated to reconnect, with the lamb going straight to feed, even as they were still walking!
God knows you. God loves you. God made you. God is always with you. He is calling out for you. Do you hear Him calling for you? Are you tuned in to listen to His voice? He has not forgotten you. You are written on His hand. Isaiah 49:16.