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Don's Book List

For any folks keen to delve further, here we have Don’s splendid Book list for the ‘What’s that about?’ series.

Daniel’s 70 weeks:
Kevin Conner – ‘Daniel’s 70 weeks.’
Philip Mauro – ‘The Seventy weeks and Great Tribulation.’
Sam Storms – ‘Kingdom Come.’

Gary Burge – ‘Jesus and the Land.’
Gary Burge – ‘Whose Land, Whose Promise.’
O Palmer Robertson – ‘The Israel of God.’

The Book of Revelation:
G. K. Beale – ‘The Book of Revelation.’
Darrell Johnson – ‘Discipleship on the Edge.’
William Hendriksen – ‘More than Conquerors.’
N. T. Wright – ‘Revelation for Everyone.’

The Olivet Discourse:
N. T. Wright – ‘Jesus and the Victory of God.’
N T Wright – ‘The New Testament and the People of God.’
R. T. France – ‘The Gospel of Matthew.’