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Philippians Daily Reading #8

Daily Reading: Philippians 4:1-7
In his closing paragraphs, Paul gives us a model of attitude and practice to pursue the Peace of God in all circumstances. Who wouldn’t want to know this? In the face of persecution, isolation, common opposition, and even some internal church disagreements (4:2-3), the wisdom is this (4:4-7): Enjoy Jesus; Be reasonable and patient with everyone; Remember Jesus’ return is not far off (in the grand scheme of things); Don’t let your concern tip over into pain and anguish; but, worship God in prayer, and ask God for your needs; give thanks for the good you have.
Follow this attitude and lifestyle, and trust God to guard you with an inner peace that is hard to explain. The ‘guard’ of God’s peace could well be a reference back to the ancient Aaronic blessing of Number 6:24-26, where the LORD gave Moses the words of the blessing - “the LORD bless you and keep you.” That word ‘keep’ signifies a powerful sentry (like Paul’s Roman guard at the front door!) keeping watch, ensuring there is no unauthorised entry or exit.
Whatever happens in the world as we progress from crisis to post-crisis living, ‘May the LORD bless you and keep you.’