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Philippians Daily Reading #3

Daily Reading: Philippians 1:19-26

Verse 21 is possibly one of the New Testament’s greatest statements! A confession full of ultimate purpose and hope. From here onwards I encourage you to read with the question in mind - “How are we told to live?”
Paul determines to be happy because of Jesus in his life, and because of Christian partnership. He is deeply convinced that life in this dangerous unpredictable world is all about following Jesus’ way. To honour Jesus is to magnify Him, to ‘make a big deal’ of Him in the way we live. And, when it comes time to die, we gain more of Jesus in undisputed eternity! Win Win! So go hard and go early, as they say.
So, to this point, Paul is grateful, happy, determined to make the most of the situation, grateful that he has Christian friends, and expectant that Jesus is in his life, and worth dying for. Which of these are you feeling, and which could you ask God for today?