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Philippians Daily Reading #1

Daily Reading: Philippians 1:1-11

Welcome to the most positive and personal letter in the New Testament. The Apostle Paul is writing from his own lockdown! He’s under house arrest in Rome and facing death or release (Acts 28). This letter is written after nearly two years. Paul’s bubble includes Timothy and Epaphroditus, and he’s writing back to Epaphroditus’ church, in Philippi, to thank them for their gift, and to encourage them to live joyful Christ-centred lives together.
It’s rather nice that there are no major problems in the church, just a few disagreements, so Paul focuses on unity. But in doing this he gives us some of the most profound Christian truths. Over the next while we’ll explore some of these in this series.
In this opening reading, notice how Paul opens with gratitude, a profession of joy, his affection for his friends, and a beautiful fixation with Jesus (5 mentions in 11 verses!).
How could these topics inspire and shape us in our own lockdown? Keep reading.