Ground floor

Jesus said, "Let the children come to me." Kingdom seeks to embody the loving embrace so that our children will come to know that their Maker loved them, and not only this, He wants to be their friend. We seek to capture the hearts of our children through pre-school based activities that create a special and welcoming environment that is safe and supportive. 

We have four spaces to serve the age-stage needs. 

Babies - for newborns through until they are crawling. Parents are welcome to sit and interact with their babies in a relaxing environment from 10am.

Crawlers - from when they are crawling until they can walk and are socially confident.

Tots - these are our little ones who can walk and are becoming quite active. There's lots of fun to be had with a short mat time, songs and stories.

Juniors - for those aged 3.5 years until school age we run a programme filled with stories, songs and loads of fun activities.

Mainly Music - this programme runs every Friday during the school term. For parents with pre-school ages children to come and sing, dance and have fun. $5 per family.

For more information about Kingdom, please chat to our department leader Lisa Clarke