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A Fresh Perspective - Desk of Faye

Here we are in springtime! As you know with this season comes daffodils and blossoms, equinoctial winds, newborn lambs and calves, fresh green on the trees. All rather delightful, apart from the equinoctial winds. There is a sense of change in the air. It brings a freshness and as the days open up with longer daylight hours, it feels different.

 I’m fond of the saying ‘variety is the spice of life’.
Change can be disconcerting and bring fear.  Alternatively, changing things up can get the creative juices flowing, can help us break out of old habits, can encourage us to see things from a fresh perspective. 
So much of our viewpoint is formed by the culture, context and circumstances around us which in turn may limit our understanding, our vision and our growth.

Another well known saying..
 ‘If you always do what you’ve always done. You’ll always get what you’ve always got’. 
I like to ask God ‘help me see things from your perspective Lord’. I don’t mean that to be an assumption that me in my own worldview and humanness can possibly fully see God’s ways! But to even grasp a small piece of what that looks like hopefully brings us better understanding of the world around us. 
I love how Don has been encouraging us to be reading more, to be open to hearing and viewing some of our old beliefs and ways of thinking from a new perspective. While we still need to be discerning, God can challenge and grow us in our learning.
Today, I’m asking myself, what could I change about my days, my thinking, my habits, that would turn this season into an opportunity where I’m further seeing God. I invite you to do that also. ‘How can we see things a little more like you do God?’