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Philippians Daily Reading #6

Daily Reading: Philippians 3:1-11
Once again, we are told to enjoy belonging to Jesus. Why? because of what follows as Paul’s own testimony. Lockdown can be a time to consider our priorities, and Paul certainly had time during his many months to reflect on his own achievements and consider their value. His conclusion?
– no achievements, no physical features, no religious status, no other earthly thing can compare with the confidence and beauty and pleasure of being right with God! Knowing and enjoying the fact that we have a righteousness that Jesus earned and granted to us, is out-of-this-world awesome! So put your faith in Jesus. Enjoy it. Rejoice!
What’s more, knowing Jesus is not a one-off event, or simply a decision. It is a lifelong journey of increasing friendship and closeness. Knowing and getting to know, every day. One on one, and among friends. To live is Christ (1:21), that is to say, real living is getting to know Jesus more and more, following him more and more. Enjoying him more and more. Reflecting his image increasingly…