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Philippians Daily Reading #4

Daily Reading: Philippians 1:27-2:11

Writing from his house arrest lockdown and facing possible execution, the Apostle Paul now turns us towards the lifestyle and examples to follow, to live the most joyful Christ-magnifying lives we can. This is what ‘citizenship’ for Christians is like.

We are urged to stand strong together as a community and face the inevitable opposition our Christianity provokes. Verse 29 states that not only is faith a gift from God, but so is suffering for Christ! This is hard to read, but the word is “graced.” When you consider opposition you face because you’re a follower of Christ, can you see how God is gracing you?

Then comes God’s super-promise to life: Have this mind! (verse 5). Spoken to you-plural, this is a communal instruction for the church: Pursue Jesus’ attitude of looking to the interests of others, not grasping after your rights, but humbling yourself and serving others. This is following Jesus, this is the way to joy, this is living.