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His love never quits - Evening prayer

Thank God! He deserves our thanks. His love never quits.
You God display your love in creation, in the world we see around us.
As we stop our going outs show us your love in the sky above, the sun and moon and stars. Still our hearts to see your love all around us.

You God display your love in political rescue and leadership. 
Look at what you did for Israel and look at what you do for New Zealand now.
Thank you for the wisdom, dedication and honesty of our leaders. Particularly our Prime Minister, Finance Minister, Director General of Health and our Police Commissioner, and many many others, doing their very best to lead us out of Covid danger.
Do your part Lord, spread the water so that we can get through, prevent the virus from drowning and overwhelming us.

You are God of heaven and earth.
You remember us when we are down. Your love never quits.
You take care of us in time of need. Your love never quits.
Your steadfast love endures forever.

(loosely based on Psalm 136)