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The Book of Revelation

‘I think there is a definite structure to Revelation. It isn’t a meaningless jumble of events. But, I would suggest that it isn’t a linear chronological structure.
The technical term for the structure of Revelation is ‘Progressive Parallelism,’ or Progressive Recapitulation.’
The easiest way to understand what this means is to imagine a spiral staircase. It doubles up on itself repeating the same material from a slightly different perspective.’ - quoting Don from part one of The book of revelation’ message on Sunday.
And a further quote - from Ian Boxal.
‘In the Apocalypse’s cyclical pattern, the battle against the forces of evil and chaos are viewed from every conceivable angle and explained for every conceivable effect. But, it is not a new battle: it is essentially the battle fought and won on the Cross, replayed with shocking vividness.’