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The Father Heart of God - From the Desk of Mike

I was talking to one of our young dads at church recently about the instant love that can occur for a child even when still in their mother’s womb. That child can immediately change hearts, minds and attitudes. They turn a once staunch ‘bloke’ into someone who speaks in those high-pitched tones that apparently babies understand, and they can turn an avid sports watcher into someone who willingly spends hours gazing at a sleeping child. This important relationship between father and child is now a critical field of study, the influences of an actively engaged Dad are evidenced in numerous research articles. In my personal circumstance the relationship with my father was profoundly and positively influential, I acknowledge however for many this relationship may not have been a great experience. Thankfully, those who call themselves children of the Most High God have this mind-boggling privilege to worship, not only an all knowing, all seeing King who holds the universe and grasps it in the hollow of His hand but also to have a relationship with ‘Abba’ an all caring, all loving unfailing Father. One of my daughters used to sing ‘Jesus Loves Me’ each night, her words weren’t quite right, but then again, perhaps they were more appropriate than the original……. she used to sing …………..”little ones to Him belong, we are Weet-Bix, He is strong” in my mind this exemplifies the father heart of God, protector, provider, healer, creator, sustainer, corrector, and comforter.

Mike Frew,

Mike is our Executive Pastor