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Philippians Daily Reading #9

Daily Reading:  Philippians 4:8-23

Paul finishes off this remarkable letter with a final appeal for readers to adopt and maintain the healthiest Christian thought-life ever. Verse 8 is a banquet of sound thinking. As we saw back on Day 4 from chapter 2:5, it is having this mind (of Christ) that truly glorifies God as we resolve and determine to follow Christ. Following the humility of Jesus, and even the example of the Apostle Paul and others, is the way to experience the God of peace (v.9).

Paul is grateful for the revival of concern for him from the Philippians. What are you grateful for though our lockdown? Family, friends, provision? Have any areas of interest been revived for you as you look out on a hurting and needy world?

May God supply every need of yours, captivate your thinking, and fill you with indescribable peace in this season, and hope for the seasons to come.

Take courage,