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We give you thanks - Evening Prayer

Father, it’s Friday and here we are with you.
We want to take time to come with our thanks..
Thank you that covid 19 has been taking a turn for the better here in our land of Aotearoa.
Thank you that we are in this place of turning a corner into a new level of operation.
We bring those before you that are in need of our prayers..
Comfort those who have found this a difficult time, for all sorts of reasons.
Guide our Government and Health officials as they research and plan and lead us in the weeks ahead.
Be with those in education - the teachers, the pupils, as they do a different looking learning. 
Give stamina to the essential workers, who have kept the necessities ticking over endlessly for us 24 hours a day.
Inspire the small businesses who have to be creative and courageous as they work towards business not as usual.
Be with those who have felt forgotten in this time. The lonely, the unhappy, the struggling.
Help us and others meet their needs.
Thank you that we can always come to you..
With our practical needs, with our spiritual passivity and our spiritual hunger, with our external and internal conflicts. With our gratitude. We come.
On this eve of Anzac Day, we come with remembrance of all that has gone before..
Other people’s conflicts and suffering and courage, and all that was endured in years past.
Covid 19 has been described as a war of sorts, and for those who lived and experienced World War II, there have been some memories triggered.
Thank you Father, that you brought us through, all those years ago, despite so much sacrifice and tragedy on the part of so many before us.
Thank you that we can know and trust that you will bring us through in these days.
This Friday we come.. And we give you thanks.