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The Good News of Jesus

It was a Sunday morning over 2000 years ago,

before the dawn had even broken over the horizon, when if you had ears to hear it, a sound was echoing around the garden where Jesus had been laid to rest. It was the sound of the beginning of resurrection Sunday - a stone being rolled away from the tomb. It was the sound of freedom. It was the sound of prophetic promises spoken hundreds of years before being fulfilled. It was the sound of the Saviour of the world coming back to life. It was the sound of chains falling to the ground. It was the sound of sickness and disease being stamped on. It was the sound of the Father running helter-skelter to meet His children. It was the sound that was to echo down through the annals of history into our present and on into the future. It was the sound that can be summed up in two words – “Good News”.

I have been challenged to think lately about what part it is I play in the Good News of the Kingdom. I hold in my hands the Truth that this fractured world needs to hear - all of us that know Him do - and my eyes see the sickness and disease, my eyes see the people held captive to this worlds culture, the hedonistic, self-gratification of our society. The evils of abortion, of pornography, of violence. I’m acutely aware I can’t change the world, but I do know someone who can and so do you – Jesus is our Good News.

Jesus is the light in this dark world, our victorious King, who at Calvary conquered all. He is our prayer answering God, our hope, our life giver, our promise keeper, our faithful Father,our grace giver, our healer, our strength in our times of weakness, our provider, our Saviour. He is everything we will ever need. He is the “Good News” the world needs to know and hear.

To be honest, you probably won’t see or hear me standing on street corners, shouting out to anyone that will stop and listen, the good news of the Kingdom but my prayer for myself and for each one of us is that in our spheres of influence and even to those we have no relationship with or may never even see again, that we will represent Jesus well. That our actions, gracious words, kindness and prayers will speak loudly of the Good News and that we will be conduits of Jesus. Just as the sound of the stone being rolled away has echoed down through the annals of history to this time and this place, so may it continue, through us, to ripple out to others who need to hear it, both within our community and beyond.

“The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is on US, because the Lord has anointed US to preach the “Good News”..……Isaiah 61