Gary Pinkerton

Audio & Visual 

Gary is our Audio and Visual Team Leader here. His role involves leading a team of awesome technicians who make our gatherings and events look and sound amazing. He also edits and uploads our weekly podcasts, and has a range of projects on the run within the audio visual field within the wider Gateway community.

What he loves is that he has by far the biggest office* out there with some pumping sounds! He loves to get to mix his passions of all things technical as well as getting to journey and do this role alongside some real quality people.
*: Main auditorium

He loves seeing people chasing their dreams, taking the opportunities that come to hand and seeing what becomes of them in this journey of life.

In his downtime, he loves to travel with his incredible wife, read a good book, get into the garden, and if he's really lucky get a jam on the drums!

Phone: 07 839 1284