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Why do we get together to sing and wave our hands around?

Understandably what we do when we gather together could be seen as weird by some. You may wonder why a bunch of people would come together and spend so much time singing, lifting hands, and bowing knees. Our belief is that worship must be expressed. Singing, lifting hands in worship, bowing our knees in reverence, partaking of Bread and Wine, are all ways in which we express our love for God, and our thanks for all He has done for us. It’s all part of how we engage with the Story of God, re-living, re-telling, and participating in what God is doing now, what He has done in the past, and what He will do in the future.

We want to develop people who are convinced of and are developing in, a life of responsive praise and worship to God.


Worship is high priority for Gateway. It is more than our corporate gathered times of ‘sung’ worship, but it not less than this. Worship is a lifestyle, who and what we worship is reflected in how we live out our lives. We choose to give time and place to corporate worship when we gather together because we believe there is power in worship and praise, we believe that God is enthroned on praises of His people (see Psalm 22:3) and long for His Kingdom among us, and we believe for many reasons that worship is central to our faith.

We want to be a church that touches the heart of God as we come before Him with abandon, with vocal praise, and as we come before Him as living sacrifices (Rom 12:1).

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We are Jase and Hannah.

We have the privilege of leading the worship team at Gateway. All such
good people, we are so blessed to do it. We are on a journey ourselves
of learning just how beautiful and powerful worshipping our God can
be. We are all designed to meet with God and adore him; it’s a need!

We hope our times together as a church encourage you to take a few
steps further in your own worship. Sometimes it is scary being
vulnerable and expressing ourselves, but so worth it.

If you are a part of Gateway and are looking for ways to be involved,
and have skills in the worship area, then please come and talk to us
or send an email. We’d love to see what we do move forward, grow and
express more and more the love of God.

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