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“ Prayer can change anything. The impossible doesn’t exist. He is the power. Ours is the prayer. Without Him, we cannot. Without us, He will not”…………………………………..    Jack Hayford

Welcome to Gateway’s prayer page. We hope it will inspire, challenge and encourage you in your prayer journey. You will also find some prayer suggestions here to help you pray for the wider Gateway family.

Without breath there is no physical life. Without prayer there is no spiritual life. Prayer is what connects us to our God, the giver of life and all good things. Prayer is the way that God has ordained for us to communicate with Him, to develop relationship with Him, to petition Him and on a reciprocal basis one of the ways He speaks to us, shares His heart with us, builds relationship and uncovers who He is to us.

‘How vast are the possibilities of prayer! How wide is its reach! What great things are accomplished, by this divinely appointed means of grace! It lays its hand on Almighty God and moves Him to do what He would not otherwise do.’ – EM. Bounds

If prayer is all this – and more – why wouldn’t we [learn to] pray?

What is it that stops us from setting time aside to develop our relationship with God?

If you and I realised the life changing power prayer wields, we would not stop praying – aloud, silently in our hearts, through the day, when we close our eyes at night, when we open them again in the morning, praying with our understanding and praying in our spiritual language.

‘Spiritual language has been given, beyond any other reason, to expand communication in prayer.’ E M Bounds

Jesus is our model for prayer and He often withdrew to lonely places and prayed [Luke 5:16]

Jesus’ life was a life of prayer. He did not need a crisis to motivate Him to pray. Jesus lived praying, He died praying, and He went up into heaven praying.

We need to be learning to develop a lifestyle of prayer.

Does prayer get squeezed out by the business of your day? If so, maybe, it’s time to reprioritise.


Be challenged:

Ask yourself the following question:

Do I emulate Jesus model by frequently spending time aside with the Father? If not do I need to change my priorities and where does the still, small voice of God fit into my hectic life?

Take some time, if necessary scheduling it into your diary, and ask Him to show you what it is that stops you from regularly setting time aside to pray and develop your relationship with Him. Be patient as you wait for an answer, because He will show you.

His disciples didn’t ask Jesus to teach them how to lead or preach or teach or communicate they asked Him to teach them how to pray.

They must have concluded that His prayer life was the key to His effective ministry and leadership. They didn’t ask because Jesus was always talking about the benefits of prayer. They asked because they had seen Him so often in prayer and witnessed the subsequent explosion of holy power.

We are not all called to pray for world affairs but we are all called to pray for the sphere of influence that He has given us. Be it family, the Body of Christ, the city in which we live, our government or nation and ourselves.

‘His Kingdom will only rule on earth where it is invited.’ So what situation or set of circumstances do you face that needs His sovereign intervention. He is waiting for you to invite Him to intervene.


“Ordinary and insignificant though I am, filling a very small place in His kingdom, even I have access to this infinite God with the confidence that He hears me. One with Christ and led by the Holy Spirit, I dare to say, I will boldly pray for others, for I know God hears me.” – Andrew Murray


Do you want to pray for Gateway but often don’t know what to pray?

Here are some suggestions:

Isaiah 56:7 ‘I pray that Gateway will be called a house of prayer for all nations.’

Pray Habakkuk’s prayer, ‘Lord, we have heard of your fame, we stand in awe of your deeds, O Lord, renew them in our day, in our time make them known.’ [Habakkuk 3:2]


Prayer is our spiritual life breath. May it become a delight and never a chore, a joy and never drudgery and may we find ourselves gradually being transformed more and more into His likeness as we spend time in the quiet place of His presence.



Contact Sylvia if you require more information.