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Authentic faith leads to treating others with unconditional seriousness and to a loving reverence for the mystery of the human personality. False, man-handled religion has the opposite effect. Whenever religion shows contempt or disregards the rights of persons, even under the noblest of pretexts, it draws us away from reality and from God. Brennan Manning

Our core values create the culture in which we seek to work out our core purposes.

1. We value people. God’s supreme passion is people. This being so, any endeavour that bears His name must value and love people. We are careful at Gateway to ensure that people never become ‘the means to the end.’

2. We value authenticity – We value an atmosphere in which people can be honest and real.

3. We value integrity – we seek to function and communicate with truth and simplicity.

4. We value vulnerability – we are all on a journey. There are no ‘experts’ here. The only reason any of us are here is the grace of God. We are honest about that.

Feel free to have a listen to this message as Don shares about Gateway values.