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Tribe – School Years 1-6

Hi, check out what is happening in Tribe this term:

Our theme all term long is based around ‘Gizmos and Gadgets’ … 

… where we’ll explore what it means to be creative and unique (being made in God’s image).

We start off the term discovering just how amazingly creative God is and we head to the beginning – Genesis – to learn more about God’s creativity in the creation of the world. Then we look at how God created people in His image, how every single person on earth is unique and how we can make a difference in the world.

Our Memory Verse comes from Psalm 139:14.

Through this Psalm, David acknowledges God’s continued provision for his life. He worships God for His care and concern for even the smallest aspects of life. Being created in God’s image means that we are special compared to the rest of creation. We reflect God in amazing and wonderful ways.



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How about taking a look at the CREATIVITY GodTime devotionals over the meal table this week.

GodTime – Week One

GodTime – Week Two

GodTime – Week Three

GodTime – Week Four

GodTime – Week Five


Check out the event that is coming up soon for Zion.


Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday in Tribe!

Claire and the Tribe Team


Years 1&2 (Eden) – Room 3

Years 3&4 (Canaan) – Room 1

Years 5&6 (Zion) – Room 2

Have a great morning!

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