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Tribe – School Years 1-6




At the beginning of this term we are doing a bit of a replay on kindness in Tribe


As we look at how Jesus lived and gave his life for us, we can see how incredibly kind God is to us.  Jesus is an awesome model for us to follow.  That’s why our memory verse this theme is:



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Here are our weekly GodTime devotionals.  These are great for sharing at the meal table.

GodTime – Kindness – Week One

GodTime – Kindness – Week Two

GodTime – Kindness – Week Three

GodTime – Kindness – Week Four


We are really looking forward to seeing you on Sunday!
Claire and the Tribe Team


Years 1&2 (Eden) – Room 3

Years 3&4 (Canaan) – Room 1

Years 5&6 (Zion) – Room 2

Have a great morning!

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