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Football is all about getting the ball in the net to score a goal.  It is a team sport.  The players job is to pass the ball up the field until one person can score the goal.  It’s all about putting others first to win the game.  That’s why our Tribe theme is all about football.

where we will explore what it means show humility to others.

In the lead up to Easter, we will be looking at how Jesus put us first and how we in turn can do the same.  Check out our Bottom Lines:


Our Memory Verse comes from Philippians 2:3.
This verse is part of a passage that describes Jesus’ humility. Jesus left everything He deserved to humble Himself to save us. As we respond to Jesus’ love, we can show humility as we love on those around us.

Click here for the Parent Cue.

How about taking a look at the Humility GodTime devotionals over the meal table this week:

GodTime – Week One

GodTime – Week Two

GodTime – Week Three

GodTime – Week Four

GodTime – Week Five

Check out the event that is coming up soon for Zion 

Please have a read of our Term One newsletter for all the information about what we have been learning so far, and for some 2016 highlight photos.
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Claire and the Tribe Team

Years 1&2 (Eden) – Room 3

Years 3&4 (Canaan) – Room 1

Years 5&6 (Zion) – Room 2

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