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Tribe – School Years 1-6

Hi, check out what is happening in Tribe this term:

We start the term exploring the life app of Respect through our music rhythm theme.

We’ll be looking at showing respect to God and people – who have been made in His image.

Our memory verse comes from 1 Peter.

Check out our Bottom Lines:



Click here for the Parent cue – Respect.


How about taking a look at the RESPECT GodTime devotionals over the meal table this week.

GodTime – Week One

GodTime – Week Two

GodTime – Week Three

GodTime – Week Four


Later on in the term, we’ll be heading into Christmas!  More details to follow soon!

See you in Tribe!

Claire and the Tribe Team



P.S. Here’s the Latest Tribe Newsletter for you!


Years 1&2 (Eden) – Room 3

Years 3&4 (Canaan) – Room 1

Years 5&6 (Zion) – Room 2

Have a great morning!

For More information contact Claire.