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Tribe – School Years 1-6




In Tribe we are taking a bit of a look at those long road trips our kids have experienced, where they had to show loads of … patience.


We all know that waiting for something, especially for an extended time can be really challenging, and it’s easy to respond in an angry, impatient way.  That’s why we are reminding our Tribe kids and ourselves to focus on these Bottom Lines:


This term we celebrate Easter! We are reminded  that because of Jesus, WE CAN WAIT. We can trust that God is in control. We can have hope that things will work out in the end. And we can be patient because we know all that God has done. Our memory verse reminds us not to give up and lose hope, but put our trust in God.


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Here are our weekly GodTime devotionals.  These are great for sharing at the meal table.

God Time – Patience – Week 1
God Time – Patience – Week 2
God Time – Patience – Week 3
God Time – Patience – Week 4
God Time – Patience – Week 5


We are really looking forward to seeing you on Sunday!
Claire and the Tribe Team


Years 1&2 (Eden) – Room 3

Years 3&4 (Canaan) – Room 1

Years 5&6 (Zion) – Room 2

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