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Relate exists to encourage couples as they work through the dynamics of their relationships.

At the heart of ‘Relate’ is a desire to equip couples with tools for growing together. Tools that allow God’s intent to be made known in the love between two people.

There are people within our church community who have made themselves available to help you foster healthy couple relationships.

All of those Couples are also trained to facilitate the PREPARE/ENRICH Assessment, which we at Gateway have found to be valuable for couples that are looking to get married or trying to enrich their relationship. PREPARE/ENRICH is an Independent Online survey which helps couples identify the strength and growth areas in their relationship check out their website for more information.


For more information, please contact Jan.



“I have chosen. From now on, my aim will be not to search for someone who will please me, but to please the one I have chosen”

Andre Maurois (The Art of being Happily Married 1953)